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/GameBase Amiga 2/Amiga 2.1/Extras/Gamebase Amiga 2.0 SPS Games/SPS/801/0995_Captain /GameBase Amiga 2/Amiga 2.3/Extras/SPS/801/0995_Captain /TOSEC/Games/Commodore Amiga - Games - SPS/Captain Dynamo (1992-07-17)(Codemasters)[1722].zip /TOSEC/Games/Commodore Amiga - Games - SPS/Captain Dynamo (1992-11-02)(Codemasters)[0995].zip /~Uploads/Arnie/SPS/SPS 0001-3730/[0995]Captain Dynamo (1992-11-02)(Codemasters)[0995].zip /~Uploads/Arnie/SPS/SPS 0001-3730/[1722]Captain Dynamo (1992-07-17)(Codemasters)[1722].zip
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