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For just downloading, go to our Google Drive or simply log in with the username "ftp" and any password.

To be eligible for registering your own account, you must have a post count of at least 50 on the EAB forums and the last post can be no older than 5 days.

For uploading, you can login to the TURRAN FTP with your registered account and create a folder in ~Uploads. It must be called the same as the username you select here and it is case sensitive!
If you have nice things to upload but get rejected from creating an account based on the rules above, contact Turran on EAB Forums and I can add you manually.

You must login at least once in 7 days after the creation of your user account or it will be disabled. This is a one time deal to activate your new account.
If you get locked, contact Turran or a eabftpadmin to have your account reactivated.

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In the question field, you should fill out the computer we all love! If you love "the other" computer brand more, its fine as well. I dont judge.

If you'd like to give a beer donation with paypal, the email is eab at grandis dot nu