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Singles and 12" Discography

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Artist/Group Title Label Year
Sha-Boom If You Need Me Sha-Boom '99
The third single from Sha-Boom, with lead vocals from Taka. To be released in 1999.
Joey Negro It Must Be The Music Subliminal '99
Taka sings lead on this track that she co-wrote with Joey Negro/Dave Lee. Planned for release in August.
DJ. Disciple feat. Taka Boom Wannabe ? '99
Taka sings lead on this to-be-release. It is not the Spice Girls' song.
Sha-Boom Sweet Sensation Sha-Boom '99
Like the other Sha-Boom releases, this one is produced by former M-People bassist and vocalist Mark Bell. Contains a radio and a club mix. Taka sings lead, except on mix #3, which is the demo version where Mark handles the vocals. Should be out by June. Distributed by Warner Brothers in the U.K.
Sha-Boom Bessie Sha-Boom '99
Released March 1999. Taka sings lead.
Foreal People Discotizer Z '99
Another great Joey Negro/Taka Boom collaboration.
Martina Acuna Won't Let You Get Away Sugar Daddy '98
Taka sings lead. Released in the autumn of 1998.
Taka Boom Funk Tip Freetown '98
Taka sings lead. Taken from the U.K. "various artists'" EP "Freetown".
Joey Negro feat. Taka Boom Can't Get High Without U Subliminal '98
Taka sings lead. U.S. release, issued in September on New Jersey Subliminal label.  Double pack of new mixes by Eric Kupper & Constipated Monkeys. The track went to #1 on Billboard's Dance Chart on October 31 and was voted ASCAP dance song of the year.
Sha-Boom If You Need Me Sha-Boom '98
Taka sings lead. Released May 1998.
Sha-Boom I'll Never Let You Down Sha-Boom '98
Released March 1998. Taka sings lead.
Sunburst Band Ease Your Mind Z '98
Taka sings lead. Released January 1998.
Foreal People Does It Feel Good Z '97
Taka sings lead vocals. Released November 1997.
Revival 3000 The Mighty High Hi-Life '97
Taka sings additional vocals. Released November 1997. Cat. # (MIGHT 1-1/1-2)
Sessomatto Can't Fight The Feeling Junior Boys Own '97
Taka sings lead.
The Source Clouds XL '97
Taka sings lead on this re-make of sister Chaka's 1980 Ashford & Simpson-penned disco smash. Issued August 1997.
Apache Indian Jump Up WEA '97
Taka's (uncredited) on backing vocals.
Joey Negro Can't Get High Without You Z '97
Taka sings lead on this monster, which was picked up by U.S. label Subliminal in 1998. This, the original version, came out in July 1997 and is the one you can listen to on the Sound Clips page.
Rainbow Connection Surrender Z '97
Taka sings lead. Written, produced and arranged by Joey Negro, a.k.a Dave Lee. Listen to it on the Sound Clips page.
The Grove feat. Taka Boom Lost in The Rhythm of Love Indochina '95
Taka sings lead vocals.
Taka Boom Feel Good All Over Cult '95
Released 1994 or 1995. Taka sings lead and also wrote and produced the track.
Taka Boom Climate For Love Mirage '85
From Taka's second LP. Backed with "Love Bank"
Taka Boom Middle Of The Night Mirage '85
The title track from Taka's third LP. 3 mixes. 
Taka Boom Ride Like The Wind Prelude '83
Taken from Taka's  second LP "Boomerang". A cover of Christopher Cross's hit from 1980.
Taka Boom To Hell With Him Prelude '83
Taken from Taka's  second LP "Boomerang".
Taka Boom Love Party Star Trak '82
Extended version of the funkiest track on Taka's "Boomerang" LP. Also released on U.K. label Calibre Records in 1983.
Dream Machine Shakedown RCA '81
Taka sings lead. Track written and produced by Norman Whitfield.
Taka Boom Night Dancin' Ariola-America '79
From Taka's debut LP.
Taka Boom Red Hot Ariola-America '79
From Taka's debut LP.
Taka Boom Bring It Back JDC '79
Taka sings lead vocals.
The Glass Family Mr. DJ You Know How To Make Me Dance JDC '78
Taka sings lead vocals.
Undisputed Truth Let's Go Down To The Disco Whitfield/W.B. '76
Taka sings lead. An underestimated disco gem.
Undisputed Truth You+Me=Love Whitfield/W.B. '76
Taka sings lead on this Norman Whitfield-produced and penned classic.




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