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May 1999:
The follow-up to the Sha-Boom single "Bessie" is called "Sweet Sensation" (not the Stephanie Mills song) and will be released in June. It will contain a radio mix, a club mix and the demo version, sung by Sha-Boom producer and former M-People bassist/vocalist Mark Bell. Together with Bell, Taka has co-written a track called "Never Felt This Way Before" and sings lead vocals on seven of the ten songs on the forthcoming Sha-Boom album "Mecca Funk", due out later this year. The second single will be "Totally", where the vocals are handled by the magnificent Paul Johnson (who you may remember from Soul II Soul's brilliant, but terribly underrated "Represent"). The third Sha-Boom single, again with Taka on lead vocals, will be called "If You Need Me" and should be out by fall.

Also during the fall, a new Taka Boom/Joey Negro collaboration will see the light of day. Finally! The track is called "It Must Be The Music" and Miss Boom co-wrote it with producer Dave Lee (Joey Negro). The couple's most commercially successful collaboration, "Can't Get High Without You", reached #1 on Billboard's Dance Chart on October 31 last year. On May 26 this year, it won the ASCAP Dance Song Of The Year award.

October 18, 1998:
The U.S. remix of "Can't Get High Without You" on Subliminal Records  (released as Joey Negro featuring Taka Boom, as opposed to the original, European version which came out under the Rainbow Connection moniker) reached #3 on Billboard's Dance/Club Play Chart this week, with a bullet.

Taka's recently finished a new track called "Are You Coming My Way" with Tom Hayes for his production company Deep End. No release date has been set yet.

Taka will be performing at the Southport Weekender (U.K.) on November 7.

June 30, 1998:
Taka's been busy lately, singing backgrounds for sister Chaka, The Artist and Larry Graham during their tour in the States. Details about the second leg of the tour, which is supposed to start in Europe sometime his fall, will be available on Chaka's official site at: http://www.chakakhan.com/



Biography | Discography | News | Sound Clips


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